Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life back in Blaine

My first year of college is done. As a result I had to pack up all of my belongings and get out of my dorm room. That wasn't fun since I had a lot of crap. I have always prided myself on being a minimalist, so I was ashamed at the amount of material goods I had collected. My roommate was a foreign exchange student however, so I ended up providing most of the furnishings in our room. That's my excuse anyway.

With finals and packing and moving back home I hadn't gotten much sleep that week. In fact, my average bedtime was somewhere around 4 AM. When I did finally get back to Blaine, all I could do was think about sleeping in my nice, warm, soft, non-lofted bed. However, I found that my sleeping schedule had been skewed by finals week. I was involuntarily staying up to 4 and 5 am and waking up at noon or 1, which isn't good.

It is even worse if you know my mother who is a morning person to the extreme. Her normal bedtime is 9 pm and she gets up at around 5 am. All week my sleep schedule stayed wonky, and when the weekend rolled around, go figure it was still the same as during the week. I got an ear-full. My mom thought that I was possibly the laziest person in existence (my interpretation of her reaction to my sleeping in). I even heard it from my dad, who is more of a night owl himself, albeit he was much less scandalized than my mother.

I was trying to sleep at normal hours I told them, but I just couldn't. The fights continued for about a week, with me trying my darnedest to adjust my sleeping schedule to normal (I was rewarded with a measly hour shift), and my parents telling me off.

Finally, one night at around 3 am I realized something; Benadryl usually knocks me out. Not only would it help me sleep, it’d help me with my allergies. Not wanting to move and risk waking myself up further I didn’t get up and try it that night. The next night I drugged myself up at around 11 pm and was asleep by midnight. Drugs rock.

Despite the fact that my sleep schedule is now back into an acceptable range, I still find myself in more arguments than I’ve ever been in with my family… more specifically my mom. I think it all stems from the fact that I am now used to living on my own, but my mom is still used to taking care of me and generally ordering me around.

My dad has been a God send in these past two weeks since moving back to Blaine. He’s been understanding with everything and is just glad to have me back.

I am glad to be back, don't get me wrong, it is just taking some time to adjust to life back in Blaine. :/