Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have been changed for good.

I've been watching Glee and that makes me wonder how different my life would have been in high school and after if I'd been in choir from my freshman year. Also in choir we are singing For Good from Wicked, which makes me think about my friends and how my life would be different if I hadn't met them. So yeah, lately I've been reflecting on my life a lot.

The things I regret most were the things I didn't get to do, like not joining choir and ASL club sooner. Those two activities were a huge part of my senior year, and they were both things that I enjoyed immensely. They also changed my outlook on life and life itself.

I'll never know how different I would have been had I made different decisions in my life. This saddens me immensely. Maybe if I had joined choir sooner I would be more outgoing or more charismatic. On the other hand, maybe I would've hated it and quit, thus robbing me of my terrific experience in my senior year. I'll never know.

So tonight as I laid in bed pondering these thought, I decided that from now on I'm going to try to be more active here in Morris. They don't have a wrestling team here, and I know that I don't want to play football for anything other than fun. I'm already in University Choir, and have no intention of joining the concert choir (because they are quite frankly stuck up) So what does that leave me?

They do have an ASL club of sorts, but they meet off campus and I never manage to remember when they meet. They also have the Biology club, which is another possibility, but again I can never remember when they meet. Alternatively I could just spend more time with friends and actually interact with them on a consistent basis... I feel as if we've drifted this year.

This blog doesn't really have any kind of deep, profound meaning to it, but not everything in life needs to be deep and profound. Sometimes it's the little things that really don't make that much of a difference at the time that turn out to be huge steps towards a completely new part of your life.

Long story short, choir and ASL club are great ways to go if you're anything like me, and life's too short not to try everything. After all, it's like when you were a little kid. Try just one bite, if you don't like the first taste you can always just spit it out and say "ewww, I'm never eating that again." But if you never taste it how can you know? Exactly, you can't.

Darn, some deep profound meaning managed to sneak in there after all.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bond, James Bond

I went to Alexandria last week with one of my friends from college. It's the nearest city to Morris so every now and then people go there to either buy stuff or just get away from the smell of cow that seems to pervade Morris during most of the year. Anyway, we went there to go to Gamestop and sell some games. I had a craptastic Wii game (Counter Force) and my friend had a couple of other older games that we wanted to get rid of. So when we arrived at Gamestop with a stack of about 8 games, we figured that it would be about enough to pay for a new game. It was nowhere near being enough.

Apparently Gamestop decided that Xbox originals weren't selling well enough anymore, so they stopped buying and carrying them. That I can understand, it's simple economics. But the next part is the part that befuddles me. After the Xbox originals were eliminated we still had 4 games to sell his 3 360 titles and my Wii title. We were offered a grand total of... $6.00 for the four of them. That was crap.

Frustrated by this, but not willing to let it ruin the Alex trip we said never mind and decided to look at what the Gamestop was selling. While we perused the game racks we came across Call of Duty 3 for 360 which just so happens to be one of the titles my friend was trying to sell. They were selling it for $15.00. Now this just added to the amount of frustration and anger. They marked that game up by a ridiculous amount.

Long story short, Gamestop pissed me off.

After Gamestop we went to Target to see if we could find any good game deals there. We didn't. Target does not have a great selection of titles. Oh well. We then looked at the movie section. I bought the last two Bond movies. This now completes my collection. I am pleased.

We then returned to the all too familiar scent of bovine.

I'll end this with one last thought... O-chem blows.