Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long days and short nights

Finals time is drawing nearer, and I can tell. I've been semi-sick/semi-allergy-attacked for the past week or so. Classes are reaching the point where they cram more curriculum into each day, and more assignments into each week. All of this leads to one thing: extreme tiredness.

Last night I only managed 4 hours of sleep, since I was working on a biology paper until 2am and had an O-chem test at 7:30 this morning. I'm sure the rest of the semester will mimic last night. It always does.

Finals week never used to bother me. In high school I would just coast by on what I knew. I didn't have to try and jam new information in with the old. That is one of the defining aspects of college in my experience. In high school the week leading up to finals was nothing but review. For that matter that was true for almost all of the chapter tests as well. Now that I am in college, we're lucky to get even a day for review before the test. Instead, we frantically cram new information into our brains.

This leads me to address any professors out there: is it really that hard to shift stuff around and thus make time for some review? I mean come on, it's not like the new information couldn't have found it's way into lectures over the past 4 months!

Rant aside, I haven't been doing too much outside of school in my life lately. The one exception: Ground Quidditch. It is epic.

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