Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drama: not just for your mama anymore

So it's the time of year here in Morris when people have to figure out where and with who they are living next year. I've been privy to the scandalous behavior of my friends as the go behind other people's backs, and try to find housing with different people, or try to leave someone they've been stuck with all year out. I didn't envy them.

I hate confrontations, and this year has already had a few because of one of my additional roommates. Long story short, he smells and never picks up after himself. And that is saying a lot when you take into account the fact that my original roommate and I have always enjoyed a good bout of flatulation. I mean our first real male bonding experience was playing fart tennis.

Anyways, back to the scheming and plotting. My roommate and I have been screwed over by ORL (the office of residential life) two years in a row now. Last year they added two additional roommates to our apartment, one of which was the roommate from hell, and the other is actually a pretty cool guy. This year ORL decided to make 2 person apartments illegal, and 3 person apartments are discouraged.

We've decided that despite the risk of getting another person thrown into our apartment we're going to attempt to get a 3 person apartment. Herein lies the scheming. Trying to contact the other roommate without also getting the attention of the roommate from hell. We finally managed to get together for a group plotting session. Humorously the key to discreteness was found to be facebook chat.

Having been part of this makes me feel both like incredibly sneaky and kind of traitorous. Not exactly things I would normally have prided myself. Yet, when you combine those things you get a ninja so I'm ok with that.

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