Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fairer Sex

So my grandma passed away recently and this last weekend was the funeral. I feel horrible, because I don't feel horrible... not that makes an ounce of sense... It's not like I didn't love my grandma because I did and still do. She was an amazing woman who was ALWAYS there for me. She died peacefully, and without pain and I'm sure that if anyone is getting to heaven it's her. So, I don't really feel all that bad about her passing, and yet, when I see other people (cousins, aunts and so forth) grieve I feel horrible because I don't have the need to cry, and mourn...

Anyway, Spring break is here, and much better scheduled than last year, I actually had friends that I could hangout with this time. Last year Morris had a wierd break that did not collude with that of any of my friends. So yeah, this year was much better.

I've gotten to hangout with two friends and go bowling, help another friend with his Eagle Scout Project, and today I went back to high school and got to revisit ASL Club. My old ASL teacher even tried to set me up with one of the members, as her date to prom... which I said no to. Prom is just bad memories to me. Also I can't really dance all that well. As I was leaving the high school though, I did rethink it. The girl in question is quite attractive to me. She's got a lot of things in common with me and she has a great personality and sense of humor... The only problem was, keep in mind that I was driving home at the time and couldn't ask someone covertly, I could not for the life of me remember her name >.<

I've never been good with names, especially names belonging to members of the fairer sex. I think this is because they are all one of like 10 names just with different spellings and nicknames. Anyway, I searched frantically for 3 hours pouring over my yearbook to try and find her picture and thus learn her name. Sadly, I could not find her. I did, however, find two of her friends, and tried to use their facebook profiles to learn her name. Again lady luck avoided me.

Eventually I gave up the pursuit and chalked it up to fate. (I had met her last summer and had the same problem, though I was not as hung up about it then) I went downstairs to watch movies with my family and tried to forget about the loss of the potential relationship.

After the family time I returned to my room and within seconds found her in the yearbook. It just so happens that I left it open to the right page, and happened to glance at it. I don't know what's gonna happen, but if nothing else it made me believe in God even more.

That also happens to be one of the things we both have in common. We're both Catholic, so coming full circle, my grandma would approve.

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